Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thursday 7-1 Felix y Los Gatos

Felix y the Gatos have Thursdays at Second Street this month. Last Thursday started out beautifully outside on the patio.

Click a picture to enlarge, click a music link to listen.

Check out the opening number.

Then it began to rain, while they were playing this.

After the number was over we moved all the equipment inside. My recorder took a direct raindrop hit on the left mic and was out of commission for the rest of the night.

But then it stopped raining.

We moved all the equipment back outside again and they played under a rainbow.

Gary Blackchild showed up.

Johnny Broomdust was going to learn a lesson about flowing arroyos later in the evening.

It started to rain again. We moved all the equipment back inside. Again.

Tom told Felix that he'd done enough & did not need to play any more, but Felix set up for the third time that night inside & invited some of his friends up to join him. People were appreciative, as you can see.

Come on out this Thursday -- maybe it won't rain, but it will be fun...


Wednesday's 6-30 Open Mic

Last Wednesday at the Second Street Brewery: people, music, food, beer. Shiny drum sets.

Click a picture to enlarge, click a music link to listen.

Come and and see us this week. Different people, different music. Same good beer & food.