Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wednesday's 9-29-2010 Second Street Open Mic

Last week's open mic was a study in orange.

Well ok, not really.  But it was musical.

Second Street is baby-friendly, too.

Back to the "musical" part.  Fairly early in the evening Ashliegh led a group us off on Do Right. During which Frank Schmitt got a little silly, but in a good way.

Immediately afterwards, Steve Rose showed us how Stray Cats Strut.

Daniel Trujillo came by.  I haven't seen Daniel in over a year, much less played any music with him.  I could not resist jumping in for a bit on this number.

We finished up the music last week with JJ and Jesus.

Yes, they sounded good.  Here's a small sound bite.  Come by this week to hear more.

Of course we had a slew of other musicians come by and play.  Drop in this week and be one of them.

See you then.


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